4 cloves of garlic,
2 millet peppers,
1 parsley,
TOTOLE Classic Soy Sauce / or TOTOLE Premium Soy Sauce,
A little black vinegar,
A little salt,
1 red pepper,
Less than half of purple cabbage,
Pleurotus eryngii (or other mushroom),
1 tsp sesame oil,
1 tsp sugar.



1. Prepare all ingredients.


2. Wash all ingredients, purple cabbage, red pepper, Pleurotus eryngii, cut into thin filaments, cut parsley and garlic.


3. Red pepper and Pleurotus eryngii boil in water until cooked well.


4. Put all the seasonings in a bowl and mix well as sauce. It also can be a sauce for all kinds of cold salad.


5. Prepare a large bowl and put all vegetables in.


6. Pour the sauce into the large bowl and mix well.


7. Served. Crispy, spicy and sour appetizers. Super healthy and tasty. And don’t forget to prepare more rice ^_ ^ ♪

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