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Kung Pao Chicken, make it with the simplest ingredients!

This dish is cooked with chicken as the main ingredient, with peanuts, chili and other auxiliary ingredients.

The tenderness of the chicken and the crispness of the peanuts are perfect!


Skinless chicken breast: 1 lb Carrot: 1 Green onion: 2 Peanuts: 1/2 cup Chopped garlic: 2 tbsp Chao Tian Xiang- Sichuan Spicy Seasoning Sauce: 2 tbsp Sugar: 1 tsp Vinegar: 1 tsp Corn starch 2 tsp, dissolved in 2 tablespoons water Marinate part: Rice wine: 2 tbsp Corn starch: 2 tbsp Chicken Powder: 1 tsp


1. Cut chicken breast into 1 inch cubes. Cut green onions and carrots to chunks.

2. Marinate chicken with rice wine, cornstarch and chicken powder.

3. Heat up oil in a wok, fry peanuts to golden brown, take out and set aside.

4. Heat the oil then fry the chicken to golden brown.

5. Heat up oil in a new pan, put garlic, Chao Tian Xiang- Sichuan Spicy Seasoning Sauce stir fry for 30 seconds. Then put in green onions, chicken, peanuts, carrots to cook. Add sugar, vinegar to enhance the flavor. Put in the cornstarch water for thickens, stir-fry evenly, then ready to serve!

Super simple and super delicious! Come and try it yourself!

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